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Tell me what I can’t do, and I’ll show you what I can do, by the grace of God


The former Marine started his motorcycle ride in the early morning of September 28, 2014, unaware that he was about to embark on a lifelong battle for survival far away from any active war zone. By the grace of God, this man survived what the best trauma doctors in the state deemed almost impossible. This is a testimony to the power of prayer in this otherwise hopeless world.


 He was admitted to Cleveland MetroHealth Center with a five percent chance of survival. That means he had a ninety five percent chance of death. But it wasn’t yet his time. Blood soaked the highway alongside the wrecked motorcycle as an ambulance enroute to another accident stopped and transported him to the best trauma hospital in the state. The doctors were amazed that he was still breathing on his own. Strictly looking at the facts alone, no doubt he should’ve died that morning. Miraculously, he survived. Author Saad Hamed’s 928: This Day Changed My Life chronicles how this terrible accident became a fateful day for him and the people around him.


At the hospital, one of the doctors suggested to his family that they donate what organs they could because even if he managed to survive, he would be a vegetable with a zero percent quality of life.  Even as the days looked darker, the prayers for this former Marine never ceased. In seven countries across the world, Muslims, Christians, and Jewish strangers prayed for him at mosques, churches and Synagogues. Whose prayers did God answer?


The author’s family, who were still shaken from a terrorist attack that took his brother's life two years prior, maintained a bedside vigil as the days turned into weeks and months. It would have been easy to give up on this father of two, but God has other plans. Not only did he survive, he went on to thrive. God spared him because he has a message for all people --- of all faiths, for the rich and poor, the advantaged and disadvantaged. His story is more than inspirational, it’s motivational.


Some of the revelations he shares:

“We are all alive but how many of us actually live?"

"I needed to go through all that I’ve been through to be the man I am today."

"When we see this life for the test that it actually is, the hardships become easier to overcome. "

"Remember that God will never give you more than you can handle. "

"Judaism, Christianity and Islam are three chapters of the guide book to life, written by the same author."

"Peace in your inner circle can translate to peace in this world."

"God will change the world, one miracle at a time.”

“Nothing comes from nothing, think about that for a second.”

“We live for our legacy, with God and with mankind.”

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